MP W6700SP

High functionality, small footprint.
Speed: 6.7 ppm (A1 size)
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Main Features

Wide Format

High functionality at a reasonable price, strongly support your business with excellent performance. Monochrome wide format MFP, the RICOH MP W6700SP has excellent operability and scanner performance. High productivity given by newly developed controller and engine and high operability of documents provide efficient copy and release of drawing works even in small spaces. Moreover, the RICOH MP W6700SP has a full-color scanner function and a function to suppress the size of scan data. These functions provide manageable digitalized drawings. The RICOH MP W6700SP which has various functions like high-end machine is available at a reasonable price and will support your business.

Paper handling function allowing simple operations.

With internal paper ejection mechanism, the RICOH MP W6700 SP stacks papers to be printed and copied on a level. You can easily take them and work efficiently in front of the machine even in small spaces. In addition, you can choose between an optional Multi-Stacker or Double-Stacker, the RICOH MP W6700SP also stacks the large size drawings, which improves handle ability of documents.

Enable high quality scan and digitize into manageable data.

Equipped with full-color scanner function as standard, the RICOH MP W6700SP has achieved a 600dpi high-quality full-color scan even in size A0. In addition, the RICOH MP W6700SP has some features such as resolution specification from 150dpi to 600dpi, high compression PDF creation, and scanner magnification change. You can digitize drawings and documents into various data sizes to your needs.

Newly developed controller and engine provide high productivity.

In addition to the new controller processing print data fast, the RICOH MP W6700SP adopts a new engine system, achieving high productivity in various situations.
- Continuous output speed *1 A0: 3.7cpm, A1 horizontal: 6.7cpm
- First copy time *2 A1 horizontal: 17seconds
- Warm-up time *3 2 minutes


Technology: PElectro-photographic printing
Fusing: Heat and pressure
Toner type: Magnetic brush dual component dry toner system
Print speed: 3.3 ppm @A0/E SEF, 6.7 ppm @A1/D LEF
Print resolution:   RPCS (Emulation): 600 dpi
PS3/PDF: 600/300 dpi
RP-GL/GL2: 600/400 dpi
RTIFF: 600/400/300/200 dpi
Warm-up time: Less than 120 seconds (23 degrees Celsius)
First copy time: 18 sec @ A1/D LEF (Roll Feeder)
Maximum copy size: (Metrics) 914 mm x 15,000 mm (Roll Feeder) 914 mm x 2,000 mm (Bypass) (Inches)  36" x 590.55" (Roll Feeder) 36" x 70.74" (Bypass)
Copy speed: 6.7 cpm / ppm @ A1/D LEF
Minimum copy size: (Metrics) 210 mm x 210 mm (Roll Feeder) 210 mm x 182 mm (Bypass) (Inches) 8.27" x 8.27" (Roll Feeder) 8.27” x 7.17” (Bypass)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,250 × 755 × 1,215 mm
Weight: 230 kg
Power source: 220V-240V/8A 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 1.84 kW
Colour scanner resolution:  Scan to email/folder: 150 / 200* / 300 / 400 / 600* dpi, *Default for scan 200 dpi, for copy 600 dpi  
Resolution: 150 to 2400 dpi (Copy) 150 to 1200 dpi (Scan)
Scan speed:   Mono: 80 mm/s (600 dpi),
Color: 26.7 mm/s (600 dpi)
Scan mode:   Mono: Drawing mode (Default), Text mode, Text/Photo mode, Text/Drawing mode, Photo mode, Gray scale
Color: Text/Photo mode, Photo
Maximum scan size: (Metric) 914.4 mm x 15,000 mm (Inches) 36" x 590.55" 
Minimum scan size: (Metric) 210 mm x 210 mm (Inches) 8.27" x 8.27"
Paper feeding capacity:   2 Roll Feeder (Standard): 
Min Width: 210 mm
Max Width: 914 mm (Metric), 37.8” (Inches)
Max Length: 150,000 mm (Matric), 590.55” (Inches)
Max Diameter: φ175 mm
Bypass Feed (Standard):  1 sheet
Paper output capacity: Inner: 99 sheets @ A1/D LEF (plain paper) (Larger than A1/D size cannot be stacked), 10 sheets @ A1/D LEF (application paper) 1 sheet /film 
Rear: 10 sheets @ A1/D Portrait, A0/E SEF (plain paper) (Smaller than A2/C size cannot be stacked), 1sheet @ A1/D Portrait, A0/E SEF (application paper), 1sheet @ film
Paper weight: Roll paper: 51-134 g/m²
Configuration: Embedded 
CPU: Calpella (1.06 GHz)
Memory: 2.5 GB
HDD: 320 GB (Share with Copy/Printer/Scanner applications)
Operating system: PS Driver Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10/2003server/2008server/2008R2server/2012server/2012serverR2 Mac OS (later than Mac OS10.7)
Network protocol: TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPX (option); Auto switching available 
Supported print language: PostScript Level3 (PDF), RPCS, Emulation: HP-GL, HP-GL/ 2(HP-RTL), TIFF (CALS)
Font: (PS) European 136 fonts
Network interface: Standard: Ethernet 10/100BaseTX Option: Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g/n)
Interface slot: Option Slot: 2 Slot
USB-Host Slot: USB 2.0 host
Multi Stacker Type 7140, Double Stacker Type 7140, Original Tray Type G, Roll Paper Holder Unit Type A, Original Hanger, IEEE802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M2
Complies with Energy Star 1.1 standards. EPEAT ‘GOLD’
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