MP W8140SP

High functionality, small footprint
Speed: 14 ppm (A1 size)
Print | Scan

Main Features

Wide Format

The revolutionary monochrome printer delivers the highest level of detailing The Ricoh MP W7100SP has been tailored to cater for your engineering needs. The new series delivers high speed performance, flexible layout and new features that would drive your business and profits.
• High productivity
• High quality achieve exceptional print quality
• Simple operability
• Flexibility for every environment
• Security

Newly enhanced controller

Offers an enhanced controller as well as full network connectivity to streamline your digital wide-format workflow and deliver consistently high throughput.

Flexible layout

To ensure the most efficient layout, stack capacity can be increased to include A0 size as well as automatic folder and stackers. Options:
• Multi stacker
• Double stacker
• Scanner separation unit
• Original hanger

Solution support

Ricoh’s Usable Print Utility (PrintCopy tool) allows you to centralise management of vast numbers of references and drawings. Its many features include the ability to scan drawings on your Ricoh printer and print them out on a different one or plotter. @Remote allows monitoring, managing and servicing of your Ricoh printer. This helps improve workflow, auto meter reading and toner replenishment, which can reduce costs and device downtime.

High Productivity

• High-speed output of A1 size paper-up to 14 page per minute
• High-speed scanning at 42.5-340mm per second

High Quality Achieve exceptional print quality

• 600 dpi high resolution print output
• CIS scanning makes it ideally suited for scanning the finest details

Simple Operability

• Exceptionally easy to use as all office multifunction devices
• USB/SD slot available

Flexibility for Every Environment

• Large array of options available to streamline paper handling workflow


• Configuring of user authentication, restricting of machine usage, enhancement of network security
• Hard disc overwrite and data encryption available to prevent data leakage

Printer Controller: Simple, Versatile, Secure

A fast and robust print controller that supports various file formats that are commonly used in the CAD market. Improves productivity by executing high speed processing.

Built-In Printing
• Driver supports-Web To Print Tool to build job sets from HP-GL, TIFF,CALS and JPEG file format
Advanced technology allows end users to do printing and scanning simultaneously
Built-In Color Scanner
• Minimize system footprint with the embedded color scanner
• Scan documents directly to e-mail, USB/SD, Folders, URL, Document Server
• Scan documents of extensive sizes and types
Built to Last:
The Ricoh MP W7100/8140SP is robust and durable. Ricoh products are designed to be a long-term investment for your organization-even in the most demand.
• Maximize your Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) by investing in a system with an exceptionally long life expectancy


You can be rest assured that the Ricoh W7100/W8100SP provides you and your customers the secured transmission of business critical data so essential for transactional communications. Restrict users by using user authentication
• Prevention of unauthorized usage
Data Protection
• The Ricoh W7100/W8100SP comes with the security function, that overwrites and erases files from the hard disk to prevent data leakage
• Once the data encryption has been enabled, data leakage can be prevented on the machine, such as Address book, authentication data, and files. You can choose to encrypt or delete the data currently stored on the machine


Technology: Electro-photographic printing
Fusing: Heat and pressure
Toner type: Magnetic brush dual component dry toner system
Print speed: 5 ppm @A0/E SEF, 10 ppm @A1/D LEF
Copy speed: 120 mm/sec 10 cpm/ppm @A1/D LEF
Print resolution: RPCS 600 dpi PS3/PDF 600/300 dpi
RP-GL/GL2 600 dpi/400 dpi
RTIFF 600/400/300/200 dpi
Copy resolution: 600 dpi
Warm-up time: Less than 120 seconds
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,250 x 755 x 1,215 mm
Weight: Less than 295 kg
Power source: 220V-240V/8A 50/60Hz
Power consumption: Printing: less than 3kW
Colour scanner resolution: 150/200*/300/400/600 *Default Twain
150-1,200 dpi
Scan speed: BW 42.5-340 mm/s
Scan area: Max: (Metric) 914.4 mm x 15,000 mm
Paper input capacity: SEF: A0/A1/A2/A3/A4
LEF: A1/A2/A3/A4
Original width: 210-914.4 mm
Maximum width: 914 mm
Paper size: Maximum: 914 x 15,000 mm
2 roll papers width: 210-914 mm
Max length: 15,000 mm
Paper weight: Roll paper: 51-134 g/m²
Configuration: Embedded (Copier-Printer-Scanner)
CPU: Calpella (1.06 GHz)
Memory: 2.5 GB
HDD: 320 GB (Share with Copy/Printer/Scanner applications)
Operating system: Windows: XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 2003 server/ 2008 server/ 2008 server R2/ 2012 server/ 2012 server R2
Mac: OS (later than Mac OS8.6)
Mac: OS X (later than Mac OSX10.7)
Citrix presentation: Server 4.5
Network protocol: TCP/ IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/ SPX, Auto switching available
Supported print language: PostScript Level 3 (PDF), RPCS, Emulation: HP-GL, HP-GL/2(HP-RTL), TIFF(CALS)
Font: European 136 fonts
Network interface: Standard: 100/10 Base-TX, USB2.0
Option: IEEE802.11 a/g/n (wireless)
Service interface: 2 slots USB 2.0 host
2 Roll Unit/2 cassette Unit/ Scanner separation kit/Multi stacker/Double stacker.
MP W7100SP/ W8140SP complies with Energy Star 1.1 standards.EPEAT 'GOLD'.
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software,please contact your local Ricoh representative. All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.