Main Features

Expand your business with customized convenience

Who says staying ahead of the competition is difficult? It’s easy when you can give your customers
the information they need — in multiple formats and multiple ways — quickly and securely. Perform
everyday office tasks, including advanced printing, scanning, copying and faxing, from the versatile
RICOH MP 2554SP series. Are projects piling up? Save time with preset shortcuts
to frequently used document tasks. You use your smartphone every day. Why not use it to print
documents from wherever you are? Worried about security? Set up user authentication so only
authorized users can see and print jobs. You can even monitor user activity and energy consumption
remotely, and make strategic changes to simplify work and reduce costs even more.
• Produce up to 25 pages per minute
• Connect from anywhere using location-free mobile printing
• Simplify workflow and perform more tasks without increasing footprint size
• Complete more types of jobs with flexible media handling
• Minimize operating costs with energy-saving efficiency

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