Pro 8200S

Black and white production printer system.
Speed: 95 ppm.
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Main Features

Cutsheet B&W Production Printing

Make production printing more promising.

The RICOH Pro 8200S series are high-end black and white production printers delivering next generation performance to help you stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. With high resolution (1,200 x 4,800 dpi) achieved by VCSEL* technology, these models offer outstanding reproductive capabilities. Featuring highly accurate duplex registration and enhanced paper handling, they provide powerful support for a variety of production printing operations, from short-run, on-demand production of books and materials, to business cards and direct mail. And, as you’d expect of any “Pro” machine, these models offer the high robustness and reliability to dramatically expand the opportunities for your business.
* Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser

High productivity

• With a maximum monthly volume of 1,000k (A4) the Pro 8200S Series supports high-volume usage and seasonal peak printing volumes
• Modified paper guides reduce static and coupled with a revised airflow design lowers internal temperatures ensuring long print runs
• New belt-fusing technology incorporates a new paper separation plate which does not contact the hot roller to prevent scratches and gloss streaks
• New Process Control technology and stability of image density ensures print quality is maintained even on long runs


• Designed to maximise uptime and ensure simple troubleshooting processes
• Status Light Pole – can see operational status even from a distance
• Operational panel with customisable home screen
• Enhanced ORU (Operator Replaceable Units) to minimise downtime

Wider paper support

• The Pro 8200S series gives your business more print opportunities to offer your customers and profitability.
• Superb printing performance on everything from carbonless paper and textured and coated media to envelopes and pre-printed forms
• Accurate duplex registration
• Easy setting of appropriate print requirements via enhanced Paper Library

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