Pro C7110X

Color Production Printer with fifth color.
Speed: 90 ppm.
Print | Color


Technology: 5-drum dry electrostatic transfer system with internal transfer belt
Fusing: Oil-less belt fusing method
Print Speed: FC/BK 90ppm
Print: Up to 1200 x 4800dpi VCSEL
Warm-up Time: Less than 300 sec
Dimensions (WxDxH): 1,320 x 910 x 1,218mm
Weight: (5 Station) Less than 580kg
Power Source: 220-240V, 16A, 50/60Hz
Duty Cycle: 700K per month
Paper Input Capacity: 1st stay (std) 1,000 sheets x 2 (Tandem)
  2nd tray (std) 500 sheets
  3rd tray (Optional) 1,000 sheets
  4th tray (Optional) 2,000 sheets
  5th tray (Optional) 1,000 sheets
  3rd-8th Tray (Optional) Vacuum Feed LCT
  2,200 sheets each
  Bypass Tray 500 sheets
Maximum Print Area: 323mm x 480mm / 12.7” x 18.9”, 323mm x 692mm / 12.7” x 27.2” (when using Banner Sheet Tray Option)
Paper Weight: 1st tray 52-300g/m2
  2nd tray 52-256g/m2
  A3/DLT LCT: 3rd tray 52-256g/m2
  4th tray 52-360g/m2
  5th tray 52-256g/m2
  Vacuum Feed LCT: 3rd-8th tray
  Banner 52-300g/m2
  Bypass tray unit: 6th tray 52-216g/m2
Configuration: External
CPU: Intel i5-4570 (2.9GHz up to 3.6GHz with Turbo)
Memory: 2GB x 2
CD-ROM Drive: Supported DVD-RW
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems x64
Configuration: Optional (external)
CPU: Intel Xeon (Quad-Core) Xeon E5-2637 (3.5GHz up to 3.8GHz w/Turbo)
Memory: 2GB x 8
HDD: 1TB x 2 SATA / RAID 0 (for data) 500GB SATA (for OS)
CD-ROM Drive: Supported DVD-RW
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional for Embedded Systems x64
Ricoh Light High Middle Production Digital Press with optional Vacuum Paper Feed RT5100, Bridge Unit BU5010, Multi-Bypass Attachment Kit for Vacuum Paper Feed Type S3, Vacuum Feed Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, Multi-Bypass Banner Sheet Tray Type S3, Buffer Pass Unit Type S3, High Capacity Stacker SK5030, Decurl Unit DU5040, RPIP Interface Box Type S3, TCRU/ORU Type S3 (Set A), TCRU/ORU Type S3 (Set B), TCRU/ORU Type S3 (Set C), 5th Station Replacement Kit Type S3, PostScript3 Unit Type S3, Developer High-Gloss Clear Type S3, Developer White Type S3, Plockmatic Booklet Maker, GBC Punch.
EFI™ Digital StoreFront®, EFI™ Color Profiler Suite, EFI™ Fiery® Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition, EFI™ Compose, SeeQuence Impose, SeeQuence Suite, DirectSmile®, EFI™ Fiery® Central, Objectif Lune PlanetPress, PTI FusionPro®, TotalFlow, BatchBuilder, CGS ORIS Lynx & PressMatcher, Ricoh Process Director Express®, Prep, Print Manager, Production Manager
RICOH Pro C7110X complies with Energy Star 2.0 standards.
For availability of models, optional apparatus and software,please contact your local Ricoh representative. All brand and/or product names are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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