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Project complete confidence - anywhere, anytime.

Imagine boarding a plane equipped with an incredibly small projector that fits in the palm of your hand, yet has the extraordinary power to last through marathon business meetings. Think About the possibilities that such a projector could bring to the conference room or classroom where space is tight. Now, consider having the flexibility to project plugged into a desktop computer, from embedded memory on the projector, or even directly from your mobile device using MHL. The RICOH® PJ WXC1110 projection system delivers all this and more—opening up a world of new possibilities for presenting anywhere, anytime. Ultra lightweight, with exceptional engine life and bright LED illumination, the PJ WXC1110 projector breaks the mold while breaking through barriers in making information mobile.

Present information in the best light

You want to captivate your audience and make sure your projector is ready to go when you are. The PJ WXC1110 projector displays bright and vibrant presentations, movies, graphics and videos with LED technology, rather than high pressure mercury lamps that need to be replaced more often or can break during transit. This powerful LED technology lasts and lasts—20,000 hours in Bright Mode and 30,000 hours in Eco Mode, further increasing life of the LED light source. The projector comes with a built-in speaker so everyone can hear, as well as see, the projected image. It can be powered up or powered off in mere seconds. Ultra clear image at 600 lumens, a 600:1 contrast ratio (40:000:1 in High Contrast Mode), auto keystone correction and 16.7 million color reproducibility delivers the quality you expect from of a full-sized projector in a compact size.

Leave a bigger impression

Sometimes you need to present in small spaces. Sometimes you have a little more room. The versatile PJ WXC1110 short throw projector makes presentations come alive in both mid-size and small environments. With a short throw ratio of 0.8, this projector can display at close range of just 17 inches with an impressive 25-inch diagonal screen. Or, it can project a 200-inch screen from a distance of more than 11 feet. So, you have the ultimate flexibility to adjust to your presentation space on the fly and impress your audience with a bold display and captivating information—no matter where you are.

Deliver a smart presentation

Your mobile device goes where you go. And sometimes, that’s where your most compelling information lives. With the PJ WXC1110 projector, you can present images, videos and other files directly from your enabled iOS, Android or Windows mobile device with HDMI/MHL connectivity—turning your projector into an innovative smart display, and adding the simplicity, convenience and sophistication of smart technology to your business presentations.

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