Main Features

Showcase messages with laser technology

A high-performance, supremely durable and eco-friendly laser projector, the RICOH PJ WXL5670 offers a much more efficient and accurate way to project. Featuring almost instant start-up, this projector is ready to go when you are. More importantly, you get up to 20,000 hours of operating time, so they’re ideal for hospitality events, museums, auditoriums or hotels. And thanks to the high-quality laser projection, there is no lamp to replace, so they’re essentially maintenance free.
The PJ WXL5670 has the ability to project in various directions thanks to its multi-angle projection technology. A considered design and built-in durability offers up to 20,000 hours of projection and its laser light source means virtually zero maintenance. You can even insert an external HDMI dongle and close the compartment so nothing gets in the way of your display.
• Maintenance-free laser projection with 20,000 hours’ life
• High-quality, 5200lm brightness and WUXGA resolution projector
• Multi-angle projection
• Instant start-up – less than 10 seconds to display high-quality projection
• Seamless connectivity featuring HD Base T – a one-cable-for-all solution

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