Main Features

Showcase messages with laser technology

The PJ WUL5670 laser light source projector is an easy to operate, durable addition to your business. Featuring instant start-up lamp-free and maintenance-free design, it will help you make an instant impression in any setting. With exceptional image resolution, it’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of locations and its long-life means you have a projector you can rely on, and longevity you can trust to get the job done and get your messages across.
Featuring HD Base T connectivity, which offers a one-cable-for-all solution that delivers video, audio control and LAN over a single cable – up to 100 meters – this not only enables more efficient connections, but also keeps cable runs limited, so the technology is as seamless as your projections. And because it’s laser-powered, it operates far beyond traditional mercury lamp projectors.
• Maintenance-free laser projection with 20,000 hours’ life
• High-quality, 5200lm brightness and WUXGA resolution projector
• Multi-angle projection
• Instant start-up – less than 10 seconds to display high-quality projection
• Seamless connectivity featuring HD Base T – a one-cable-for-all solution

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