Printing Maintenance Services

Take the maintenance off your "worry list" 

The better you maintain your devices, the better they'll perform and the longer they'll last. We will maintain the best performance of your Multifunction Printer/ Laser Printer, which includes:

  • Periodically conduct maintenance to maintain machine performance
  • Exchange parts required for maintenance or fixing
  • Providing immediate fixing service in case of machine breakdown.

Our Maintenance Services

  • Meter Charge (MC)

    You will only pay a fee per Print/ Copy count

    The fee includes:

    • Toner
    • Spare parts
    • Maintenance cost (Technical fee,...)
  • Time and Material (T&M)

    You will purchase consumables as occasion demands, includes: toner, spare parts

    You will pay maintenance service fee as occasion demands:

    • Technical fee
    • Transportation
    • Labor cost

How you will benefit from our services?

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