Remote Working Solutions

Empowering your remote workforce

Common Challenges

  • Keep employees retain good working conditions/ connectivity
  • Maintain the productivity
  • IT support for all staff
  • Served the customers remotely
  • Business continuity

Traits and Components

  • Location
    Flexible, comfortable, internet ready, safe.
  • Facilities
    Mobile, compact, updated tech, secured.
  • Human
    Ready to move, time- & self-management, pro-activeness.

RICOH Remote Working Package Options

  • Basic Option

    Remote Working Facilities

    RICOH offers range of ready-to-use facilities and professional services for anyone who want to start Remote Working with ease.

  • Enhanced Option

    Remote Communication & Data Sharing

    RICOH offers an environment for smooth anytime, anyplace connections to appropriate people and work with security.

  • Advanced Option

    Advanced Infrastructure & Cloud

    Create secured VPN (Virtual Private Network) connect to office application (ERP, Accounting, HR...). Especially, readiness for remote printing.

  • Process Automation Option

    Process/ Workflow Automation & Professional Service

    Support document management/ workflow and Business Continuity Plan permeation among employees.

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