Corporate social responsibility

As a global company and corporate citizen, we are all well-aware that our contributions to society and the environment are not merely philanthropic, but integral to the way we do business. Our corporate social responsibility framework is based on: Co-exist with community and Conservation of the global environment.

Care for the environment

We understand Our interaction with the environment should be in a way that we use the resources that nature provides, but in a sustainable manner. At Ricoh Vietnam, everyone can play an important role as stewards of the environment. We support and promotes the number of environment events throughout the year. These activities are valuable not only for Ricoh Vietnam employees but also for the public to learn how they can help.

Sharing is Caring

Giving back to the community means does so much to help those in need and contribute to the common good. Whether it comes in any form, we all realize the importance of caring and sharing. Ricoh Vietnam supports to create a better live for our community by organizing charitable activities at pagodas, at school, shelters, rural areas.