Ricoh Color Intelligent Multifunction Printer Series

RICOH IM Cxx00 with advanced technologies that helps empowering your digital workplaces 

The series is equipped with a range of features that help improve performance such as scanning and ending security directly to email or computer folders over the network or mobile devices. This smart series is also designed to support the business in modern and high-end businesses through advanced technologies, optimal security and ease of use.

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Stellar Performance

Ricoh Intelligent devices remain current and relevant no matter what your workplace requires. This way, you have ready and easy access to new functionality, when needed. Environmentally-friendly low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) values, deliver reduced energy consumption and cut running costs. While RICOH Intelligent Support features such as Predictive Maintenance mean that device performance is monitored and any fixes resolved swiftly, minimising impact on your workplace.”

Work-flow Efficiency
You can tailor settings for individual users for quick access to apps which are used more often. The new small sized paper scanning units allow you to scan smaller documents much more conveniently, and the expanded paper tray capacity allows you to work more efficiently, and the expanded paper tray capacity allows you to work more efficiently. Automatic firmware upgrades ensure that your devices are at maximum security so you can have peace of mind.
Easy to use with Smart Operation Panel

Quick access to Web Help Tools via RICOH Intelligent Support help customers to complete simple tasks like toner replacement quickly and easily. Our consistent user interface across your Ricoh fleet provides an optimal and familiar experience everywhere and anywhere. Other than RICOH native applications in our intelligent devices, we have also collaborated with third party solutions to optimize your document management workflow.

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