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Update your Ricoh Multi-Function Devices by downloading the latest features to help you optimise your document management workflows.

IT features V1.2 Update 

1 AirPrint user authentication/job tracking

Improving security when printing from mobile devices, user authentication is now supported for AirPrint.


2 Data log job restrictions

To protect the integrity of the job log, it is now possible to restrict job execution when the job log is full. When this setting is enabled, the device will stop printing and alert the administrator and user when the job log is full.


3 Reset file password after transmission

To prevent password errors and ensure that protected files can be opened, it is now possible to reset scanned file passwords after transmission.


4 LDAP search improvement

To minimise LDAP search delays and associated failures, the LDAP search feature has been enhanced and now includes an additional setting intended to decrease search delays.