Aha, Our School Has A Computer Lab

by Ricoh Vietnam 17 Oct 2020 Đak Lak 17-18 Oct 2020

Did you know that every laptop / computer / tablet is valuable

Have you ever thought of what happens when your old laptop/computer/tablet gets a "new life"?

Children who are living in material deprived areas, there is always very little opportunity to access technology. For this reason, there are very few opportunities for them in the era of technology 4.0 when computer skills are Prerequisites. In line with the spirit of Sustainable Development, Ricoh calls your hand to equip the computer Lab for the children.

Why are the computing skills important?

Modern businesses rely heavily on computerized technology to efficiently complete vast amounts of tasks. to achieve business goals, from email, file processing, information search to learning and meetings. Having a computer skills foundation will help children learn more about the world culture and develop the skills needed to be more competitive in the job market in the future.

How to join a hand with Ricoh?

We welcome you all to donate by 2 methods:

  1. Donate your laptop/ PC/ Tablet  
    You can donate your good condition used Laptop/ PC/ Tablet
  2. Exchange our refurbished MFP  
    With 20 laptops/ PC/ Tablet, we will exchange a refurbished MFP with you

Information of this event 

Time of donation: 20 Jul - 31 Dec 2020

Time and Location of The Event:

  • Teresa Ethnic Home - 18 Oct 2020
  • Xuan Trach Elementary 1, 2 - Quang Binh Province - 7 Jan 2021
  • Xuan Trach Secondary School - Quang Binh Province - 7 Jan 2021

All of the contribution will be updated regularly via Ricoh Official Facebook Event Page

Please contact Ms. Thủy - 0907 092 838, or email: [email protected] for more detail; or fill the form below: