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Ricoh GreenLine Series Remanufactured multi-function printers

  • Provided By a Global Branded MFP Ricoh Vietnam
  • Eco & Human Friendly
  • Stable & Reliable Operation with attractive price


Your Business SAVER Choice - Our planet GREENER action

The twenty-first century is an era of great concern for environmental issues. The interest in recycled, reused and remanufacturing technologies has been increasing, with the eco-friendly and energy-efficient production. One of these eco-friendly production methods, remanufacturing, is defined as a series of processes aimed at bringing end-of-life products and parts back to market as new products.

Recently, in companies, sustainability should be an important aspect of day-to-day business, so as to contribute towards reducing environmental impact as much as possible. In light of this, Ricoh can support organizations to achieve sustainability goals thanks to the new range of remanufacturing MFPs - Ricoh GreenLine.

Ricoh GreenLine Product Series

Ricoh GreenLine is the product series that Ricoh remanufactured from used materials and equipment with the goal of minimizing environmental impact by extending the product lifecycle. Ricoh believes strongly in recycling to give new life to technology that contributes to the goal of sustainability.

The production process of this product series is based on strict standards from the selection of reusable equipment to production and finally to quality tests, all independently tested. Specifically, for selected devices, the technician will continue to complete the following process:

1. Disassembled and cleaned

  • Device is disassembled down to its frame
  • Sub-assemblies are cleaned and inspected
  • Worn & fatigued parts are tested and repaired or replaced
  • Firmware updates are installed.

2. Rebuilt and Retested

  • The device is reassembled and tested, with final testing performed by inspectors

3. Quality Controlled

  • The device is also undergoes standardized safety testing.
  • After all steps are completed, the product is packaged and shipped.

Subscription Plan


Subscription plan

A “green” economic solution for your business and for the environment

Remanufacturing makes all difference

Real Pioneer

  • The first Remanufactured MFP in Vietnam provided by a Global Branded MFP series Company.

Stable & Reliable Operation

  • Quality commitment from Ricoh with Certifications of origin.
  • Get the same printing quality & after sales Premium service with Meter Click service.
  • Get installed under the strict standard of the factory. 
  • GreenLine MFPs are packed carefully in a proper box.

Priced significantly lower than new models, these remanufactured devices help you

  • Reduce acquisition and production costs, without sacrificing quality and reliability.
  • Save on costs in upgrading workgroup printers to multifunction devices.
  • Build budget-friendly mixed fleets that meet user needs.