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RICOH EZ Charger Suite

Cut the costs of your office printing by tracking copying, scanning, and faxing

Add accountability and better manage the costs of printing in youroffice. RICOH EZ Charger Suite is a simple solution to help small businesses trackand reduce waste.

  • Set quotas to limit costs
  • Improve printing convenience 
  • Print from mobile devices
  • Increase document security
  • Easy login options

Connect more easily, improve cost control

EZ Charger Suite Embedded cuts costs associated with multifunction printers, in away that’s affordable and accessible to small businesses. It deliversconvenience, you can print from any device that’s connected to the solution,and offer WiFi access to print from mobile phones. Detailed reports highlightinformation to help you track use and costs and quotas can be set to limitaccess to users.

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  1. No server needed
    This solution is device-based to keep it simple and affordable
  2. Secure and convenient
    Users can access print jobs after logging on at a printer. Less waste, moresecure
  3. Shake to logon
    To access a printer, you can log in manually, shake your mobile device, usethe pattern pad or optional card reader
  4. Detailed reporting
    Generate detailed reports to better manage costs