The New Ricoh Way

06 Feb 2023

Ricoh has revised our corporate philosophy, the Ricoh Way, as part of our 21st Mid-Term Management Strategy (MTS) rollout and new management structure, effective April 1, 2023.

The new Ricoh Way redefines “Fulfillment through Work” as the new Mission and Vision from the current long-term vision for 2036, Ricoh’s centennial anniversary. 

The revised Mission and Vision statement is as follows: 


At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realise a sustainable future.” 


This statement contains three elements: Ricoh’s Mission, our Vision, and what Ricoh envisions as “Fulfillment through Work.”

Since our founding in 1936, Ricoh has supported and evolved how work is performed in society. Each employee working to their utmost can find fulfillment through work and create value that enables customers to do likewise. 

Expanding such a cycle of fulfillment empowers Ricoh to continue to help build a sustainable society that provides fulfilling work and economic growth.

New Ricoh Way diagram

For more background information, please read the attached news release.


Revisions to Ricoh Way Corporate Philosophy