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ebook Optimize Your Mobile Workforce

This ebook was published during the COVID-19 pandemic but the insights will remain useful for organizations engaged in long-term planning of remote and mobile teams.

DocuWare recently polled 534 business owners and managers in charge of whether employees worked remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Around 29% noted that some employees were working from home, and 30% said all employees were working from home.

That's roughly 60% of businesses managing a remote workforce during this time. This is more than double from just two years prior: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2017 and 2018 only around 29% of workers even had the option for working from home, and even then only about 25% of them did.

Understanding the types of challenges companies faced when navigating the coronavirus pandemic, and how DocuWare solutions and technology addresses the new and unique challenges of a mobile workforce, can help you future-proof your employee management strategy.

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