Pros & cons of interactive whiteboard and Why you should invest in it?

23 Mar 2023

Interactive whiteboards offer a variety of business benefits, from the obvious to the obscure. There are various motivations, ranging from the personal (teamwork, communication) to the practical (reduced IT workload and improved profits).

In education industry, the fact that the interactive whiteboard increases student involvement and collaboration in the classroom is a major factor that has contributed to the success of this exceptional tool. The media content on these interactive whiteboards successfully captures students' attention, making lectures far more interesting and engaging. When compared to the investments required for an IT classroom, the interactive whiteboard is a more cost-effective option, and it is often more effective because it creates a favorable environment for all students in the classroom.

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1. Pros of interactive whiteboard

Touchscreen: One of the primary benefits of an interactive whiteboard is that it has a touchscreen that allows users to change the data on the screen with their fingers. The addition of this feature has greatly simplified and improved its use. The touchscreen feature also makes the classes for small children much more enjoyable because they are involved to a much greater extent. Because the interactive whiteboards have touchscreens, the instructor can easily move the data around.

Online Help: The interactive whiteboard allows users to connect to the internet via the device. As a result, instructors can use any software that is available on the internet. The use of an interactive whiteboard also allows instructors to play videos from the internet as needed.

Imaging: The high-quality imaging provided by these interactive whiteboards makes the classes far more entertaining and informative. The students' involvement and collaboration grow, which improves the overall quality of the class.

Smart Tools: The interactive whiteboard provides a variety of tools to instructors, making their job much easier. The magnifier, pointer, spotlight, screen capture, and other smart tools are examples of these.

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2. Cons of interactive whiteboard

Price: While the cost of an interactive whiteboard is minimal when compared to the investment required for IT classrooms or even providing laptops to each student, many schools cannot afford this device. As a result, these schools lag behind other schools that are outfitted with modern technology. However, if a school must choose between an interactive whiteboard and other essential requirements, it should choose the latter.

Technical Inability: Many old schoolteachers are uncomfortable with modern technology, including the interactive whiteboard. Some teachers find the device difficult to use, while others complain about having to change their teaching style as a result of the device. Schools cannot afford to invest in devices that are not fully utilized, and the interactive whiteboard frequently falls on the wrong side of the debate.

Teacher Education: When a school or educational institution invests in a modern device like an interactive whiteboard, it must ensure that it is used to its full potential. The school must invest time and money in properly training their teachers to use the device. The teacher must not only use the device, but also productively integrate it into his teaching style. This takes a significant amount of time and effort, and a school should take these factors into account before investing in such a device.

màn hình tương tácFigure 3. Cons of interactive whiteboard

3. Conclusion

The interactive whiteboard is a very powerful tool in education and other industries. It improves both the student's and the teacher's experience by integrating various tools and providing the instructor with access to them. Though one cannot deny that the device has flaws, they pale in comparison to the benefits and drawbacks of using an interactive whiteboard.

An interactive whiteboard is a collaboration tool that is considered essential for working collaboratively and toward a common goal. With the introduction of new technologies and developed devices, it has become easier to use collaboration tools more effectively to improve company productivity and efficiency. In the collaboration tools, you can now find many improved features such as spreadsheets, slides, instant messaging, group chat, and video conferencing. Furthermore, depending on the availability of the participants, you can set up a video conference or web meeting in a matter of hours.

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