IM 600F

The IM 600F provides fast prints speeds up to 60 ppm and delivers crisp 1,200 x 1,200 output. It includes a 100-sheet SPDF as standard that includes a built-in multi-feed detector, preventing more than one page being scanned at the time. 

It also supports a host of the latest Ricoh offerings such as RICOH Always Current Technology, RICOH Smart Integration, and RICOH Intelligent Support, which allow us to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers. 

The IM 600F is equipped with the latest Smart Operation Panel (G2.5) which offers smoother touch sensitivity and a revamped Home Screen. It also includes PostScript 3 and PDF Direct emulation as standard and improved controller features, allowing customers to produce professional documents accurately out of the box. 

Other new features are Mopria® and RICOH Smart Device Connector which allow this MFP to meet the requirements of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Paper Feed Unit PB1160

Optional 1-tray paper feed unit that increases the paper capacity of the device.

Capacity: 500 sheets
Paper size: B6–A4
Paper weight: 64–120 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 380 x 410 x 121 mm
Weight: 4 kg or less

By choosing this option the Caster Table Type M40 will be added to the configuration.
Caster Table Type M40

Provides a base with casters (wheels) to easily move the device on a floor standing configuration.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 778 x 808 x 64 mm—with anti-tipper; 380 x 410 x 64 mm—without anti-tipper
Weight: 11 kg or less

By choosing this option the Paper Feed Unit PB1160 will be added to the configuration.
Fax Connection Unit Type M37
Enables users to send and receive faxes on a sub-MFP via a fax-enabled main MFP. This option has to be installed in both the main MFP and sub-MFP(s) needing remote fax. Supports max 6 sub-connections.
Fax Memory Unit Type M19
64 MB additional memory that increases fax memory to 4,800 pages and fax resolution to 400 x 400 dpi.
Postscript 3 Unit Type M40
Genuine Adobe PostScript 3 printer driver. Recommended for printing more complex colour and PDF files.
XPS Direct Print Option Type M40
Allows users to print XPS format directly from the printer, without using an XPS-based driver.
IPDS Unit Type M40
Genuine Intelligent Printer Data Stream unit for use in AS/400 environments. It provides more accurate interpretation of IPDS data, which means less errors and faster file processing than emulations.
OCR Unit Type M13
Scans and creates editable text files from hardcopy originals via Optical Character Recognition. Enables the creation of searchable PDF documents at the MFP.
File Format Converter Type M19
Allows users to save copy and print jobs stored on the document server to a computer.
Cannot be installed with IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24,IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19,Device Server Option Type M37
IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19
Allows users of older PC technology to connect to the latest printers and MFPs and access advanced printing features.
Cannot be installed with IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24,File Format Converter Type M19,Device Server Option Type M37
IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24
Enables WiFi connectivity and wireless printing.
Cannot be installed with IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19,File Format Converter Type M19,Device Server Option Type M37
Device Server Option Type M37
An interface board used to add an extra Ethernet port to the device. Once installed, users can connect two Ethernet cables simultaneously—one to the device's Gigabit Ethernet port and one to the Gigabit Ethernet port of USB Device Server Option.
Cannot be installed with IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19,IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24,File Format Converter Type M19
NFC Card Reader Type M24
Ricoh card reader that supports authentication via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It can be used with Ricoh devices that are equipped with the 10.1" Smart Operation Panel that have standard authentication embedded. 
DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type M19
Erases the temporary data on the hard disk drive. For customers who require ISO 15408 certification prior to the printer or MFP system being IEEE 2600.1 certified.
Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12

Used with external third party counting devices for accounting and charge-back purposes.

Unicode Font Package for SAP 1 Licence
Supports multilingual data without restrictions.
Unicode Font Package for SAP 10 Licence
Supports multilingual data without restrictions.

Standard inclusions

  • 10.1” Smart Operation Panel
  • Mobile printing
  • 320 GB HDD
  • 100-sheet SPDF
  • 500-sheet input tray + 100-sheet bypass tray
  • PostScript3 emulation

Current configuration

IM 600F
480 mm x 539 mm x 644 mm (W x D x H)
29 kg
Selected Options:

    {"configuratorid":"6889f3aa-126c-42e7-91f2-427f9bd55c31","productid":"d8bf8791-ed57-43c0-93a3-e790382e534c","edpcode":"418464","productdisplayname":"IM 600F","width":480.0,"height":644.0,"depth":539.0,"weight":29.0,"mainframe_imageurl":"/-/media/all-regional/images/product-images/office-solutions/printers-and-copiers/printer-black-and-white/im-500-and-p-800-series/configurator/im-550f-and-im-600f/mainframe.png?dmc=0&hash=88E590A4B16B511F6120F47E75FD4DF1E8E9E38F","configurator_hash":"2b4795e0-0cdf-4478-ac0b-a08cb3c3f90b","options":{"418475":{"edpcode":"418475","displayname":"Paper Feed Unit PB1160","extras":[1,2,3,4],"width":380.0,"height":120.0,"depth":410.0,"weight":4.0,"show_image":true,"select_rules":[{"rule":"RequireSelect","selected_option":"418475","requires":["418476"]}]},"418476":{"edpcode":"418476","displayname":"Caster Table Type M40","extras":[],"width":778.0,"height":64.0,"depth":808.0,"weight":11.0,"show_image":true,"select_rules":[{"rule":"RequireSelect","selected_option":"418476","requires":["418475"]}]},"418402":{"edpcode":"418402","displayname":"Fax Connection Unit Type M37","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"417518":{"edpcode":"417518","displayname":"Fax Memory Unit Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"418519":{"edpcode":"418519","displayname":"Postscript 3 Unit Type M40","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"418513":{"edpcode":"418513","displayname":"XPS Direct Print Option Type M40","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"418516":{"edpcode":"418516","displayname":"IPDS Unit Type M40","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"417430":{"edpcode":"417430","displayname":"OCR Unit Type M13","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"417508":{"edpcode":"417508","displayname":"File Format Converter Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[{"rule":"ExcludeSelect","selected_option":"417508","excludes":["407863","417596","418399"]}]},"417596":{"edpcode":"417596","displayname":"IEEE 1284 Interface Board Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[{"rule":"ExcludeSelect","selected_option":"417596","excludes":["407863","417508","418399"]}]},"407863":{"edpcode":"407863","displayname":"IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[{"rule":"ExcludeSelect","selected_option":"407863","excludes":["417596","417508","418399"]}]},"418399":{"edpcode":"418399","displayname":"Device Server Option Type M37","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[{"rule":"ExcludeSelect","selected_option":"418399","excludes":["417596","407863","417508"]}]},"407853":{"edpcode":"407853","displayname":"NFC Card Reader Type M24","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"417499":{"edpcode":"417499","displayname":"DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type M19","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"417111":{"edpcode":"417111","displayname":"Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"413009":{"edpcode":"413009","displayname":"Unicode Font Package for SAP 1 Licence","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]},"413010":{"edpcode":"413010","displayname":"Unicode Font Package for SAP 10 Licence","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"select_rules":[]}},"affect_group":[["418475","418476"],["418402"],["417518"],["418519"],["418513"],["418516"],["417430"],["417508","407863","417596","418399"],["407853"],["417499"],["417111"],["413009"],["413010"]],"preselect_configs":{},"min_config":{"requires":[],"requireones":[]}}