Ricoh Vietnam proudly to be one of a foreign companies applying ISO standard strictly from internal office to external customer. Therefore, we got ISO 14001-2015 Certification from 8 May 2018 then being auditted and certified by Bureau Veritas yearly.

Ricoh Vietnam has started Waste management since 22 August 2017. We keep processing and following rules strictly. There are main activities:

  • Revoke blank cartridge from customers
  • Disposal of used machines
  • Hazardous waste treatment according to ISO standard

Revoke tone cartridge from customers

Technicians receive hazardous waste at customer sites, including: toner cartridges, used electric components. Then Technical department work well with ISO team to process them following rules seriously.

How we handle our disposal machines

We are taking back the used machines from customers, classify as per Ricoh’s criteria to define which ones could be reused / refurbished, which ones need to be disposed. The process is in progress, planning to start first disposal batch by January 2019 and the refurbished by April 2019.

Trash treatment at office areas

All Ricoh Vietnam members are following ISO 14001-2015 standard in Waste Management at work with garbage bins being located in our offices with clear color code and instruction to classify the watses at source.