Ricoh Live Webinar: Premium Meeting Room Solution

by Ricoh Vietnam 27 Oct 2022 10.00-11.00

The trend of remote work is increasing 6 - 7 times in the post-pandemic world according to Future Source research. Therefore, the traditional working model is gradually being replaced by a new working model - Hybrid Workplace.

For the operation of the Hybrid Workplace model, stable remote connectivity and optimal meetings are a prerequisite. From a study of more than 6500 UK, German and US professionals on the Doodle Blog, today 24 billion hours are wasted each year in unproductive meetings and 37% of business costs go to unnecessary meetings.

An effective meeting means that members can easily share ideas, communicate seamlessly, interact with each other, and presenters can present more concisely. Therefore, the discussion in the meeting will be in-depth, helping to increase efficiency and make decisions faster.

With the companionship from Ricoh's partner - Jabra, we would like to invite you to attend the live webinar about Premium meeting Room Solutions which will occur at 10:00 am, Thursday, 27/10/2022. 

The live webinar will share solutions for meetings, conferences, teamwork, presentations and training. The solution will lead to new generation devices such as smart interactive whiteboards and smart video bars, making multi-way connectivity easier and enhancing understanding among meeting members.

Currently, the size of each business is different, leading to the number and size of meeting room spaces being different in each place. However, the solutions offered by Ricoh and Jabra are suitable for all sizes of businesses and different meeting room sizes. Options for working from home, small meeting rooms (6 – 8 people), medium meeting rooms (8 – 20 people), large meeting rooms (over 20 people) and video conferencing all fit into the various sizes of smart interactive whiteboards and audio-visual devices.

With effective meetings and creative collaboration, this meeting room solution will bring many benefits to your business, thereby meeting online anytime, anywhere, on any device, improving productivity and long-term profits. 


  1. Post-pandemic context
  2. Digital Transformation
  3. Overview of smart meeting devices
  4. Premium meeting room solution
  5. Questions & Answers
  6. Kahoot games & Gifts 

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*The webinar uses Vietnamese as the main language.
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